Waxing & Hair Removal

Daydream Bodyworks offers 3 types of hair removal. Traditional wax, Nufree hair removal, and Ayurveda hair removal. 

We use only the best hair removal systems. Our traditional waxes are top of the line natural hard and soft waxes along with a sterile disposable roll on wax system. The roll on gives a clean and fast wax and is best for legs, arms, and back. Every client gets a new roller (we believe there is no great way to sanitize/sterilize a reusable roll-on system, so we don’t use them) We toss away the entire roller and left over wax after each client.  At Daydream Bodyworks we believe in the highest standard of sanitation, education, and client satisfaction.

Traditional wax services:

  • Basic Bikini~       $30    (just outside a normal panty line/at the crease of your leg)
  • High Cut Bikini~  $40   This is an In between of a basic and a Brazilian.
  • Brazilian~           $65   (you decide what stays or goes)
  • Half leg~             $35   Upper or lower does not include the knee
  • Full leg               $60    (if we need to use more wax there will be an additional $10 fee
  • Back                   $50
  • Back with neck and shoulders $70

We have 2 different specialized waxes in our traditional wax system  that you may upgrade to:

1) 24K Gold Wax based on Gold powder and Argan Oil. This new liposoluble wax, leaves skin bright, velvety Your skin will glow for days. Perfect for the holiday season. $5.00

2) Chocolate wax moisturizes and tones, helps re-mineralizing, and nourishes the skin$5.00

Ayurveda hair removal:

Ayurveda is the first waxing treatment based on the principles of Ayurveda, an ancient holistic lifestyle that seeks balance among body, mind, and soul. In response to current demands from our society, we created a new waxing treatment that seeks a complete beauty balance. With this range of products, waxing is now considered a ritual, as it becomes a pleasant and sensorial experience that provides wellbeing to the person being treated. We have both a soft and hard wax using the Ayurveda system.

Nufree Nudesse Hair removeal

The more permanent hair removal system is Nufree Nudesse. This is an antibacterial and antimicrobial soya based liquid hair removal product. We have a Nufree Nudesse hair removal specialist available 7 days a week. For best results your hair should be 1/4 inch long, or about 2 weeks of growth. Nufree Nudesse and the after care of finipil will reduce the pain, hair growth, and coarseness by about 1/3 each visit.  Please note: On Bikini, High Cut Bikini, and True Brazilian labia hair is not removed.


Daydream Bodyworks uses Nu-Free Products for all Hair Removal Services unless otherwise requested
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