Couples Retreat


Warm up next to the fire and enjoy a treatment together!

Hot Oil Massage

60 min ~ $250
90 min ~ $340

This is our signature massage in which we use a special scented coconut oil that liquifies as it warms. To make this a unique experience for you and your partner you choose from our selection scented oil ranging from coffee, chocolate, spiced, or vegan. At the end of the massage we give you the oil to take home as your gift!

Swedish Massage

60 min $220
90 min $300

This is a light pressure relaxing massage. You and your partner will lay side by side in our couples retreat room.

Deep Tissue

60 min ~ $240

90 min ~ $320

This is a firm pressure massage you may choose from a full body or targeted massage that will brake up adhesions that can cause pain in your muscles.

Aromatherapy Towel or Hot Stones

60 min ~ $290

90 min~ $370

This is a medium pressure full body massage. The aroma of relaxing or rejuvenating oils fills the couples retreat room and encourages you to drift into bliss. Your tension is melted away using heated stones or hot towels.

Daydream Signature Targeted Deep Tissue

60 min ~ $290
90 min ~ $390
90 min ~ monthly $330
90 min ~ weekly $360

This is Daydream Bodyworks signature massage perfected with the best education and advanced techniques. We use a verity of modalities ranging from myofacial, trigger point, positional release, neromuscular, manual therapies and much more. After this massage you will feel “realigned and rejuvenated” This work is the most intense massage we offer to get your body back in working order. As stated in some reviews this massage is “not for the faint of heart” but you will regain mobility you did not think possible. Joseph uses techniques of stretching the muscles and releasing multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Michaela uses techniques that work on individual muscles zeroing in on reliving tension in isolated areas.

Breakfast In Bed

60 min ~ $599

Breakfast in Bed, the ultimate luxury. Wake up to a nourishing full-course offering of treatments at home or in the spa. Start with a Rise N’ Shine Facial, including an eye-opening masque and massage combination featuring white clay, egg white, and coconut and grapefruit oils. The Warm Java Scrub will wake you up with invigorating coffee blended into creamy soft coconut butter. Our Breakfast in Bed Body Wrap is even better than being curled up in the covers on a Sunday morning. This warm wrap is made of rich cream and honey to moisturize and egg white to tone and tighten, all blended with coconut oil, butter, and sweet orange essential oil. you’ll be Daydreaming of a tropical paradise when you experience our Coconut Orange Massage to finish your Breakfast in Bed treatment.

Chocolate Lovers

60 min ~ $400
60 min with massage ~ $500

Get your chocolate fix with this serves. Chocolate is known for its great anti- oxidant, and anti-aging qualities. We start with a creamy chocolate exfoliant, then we wrap you in a chocolate cream butter mask you rest and spend relaxing time with your partner. You shower off the mask and we finish with a chocolate body oil massage.


Add our signature Daydream Facial to any of the Couples Retreat Services