Body Treatments

Parafango Spot Treatment

60 min ~ $100

Parafango Full Body Treatment

75-90 min ~ $150

This specialized treatment is a powerful restorative body mask. It increases your body temperature to eliminate toxins, including fat stores from tissues. Parafango is a combination of mineral rich sea mud and paraffin. This gives you the ultimate detox and hydrating treatment. In this service you are dry brushed to eliminate dead skin cells. Then we cover you with warm parafango wax. We allow you to rest comfortably while the toxins, impurities, and fat stores are drawn out.

Mud Mask

60 min ~ $90

You are dry brushed to get rid of dead skin cells. You are wrapped in warm mud, then cocooned up and allowed to rest for 30 min. After you have showered you return to the bed for a light finishing moisturizer. This service helps draw out toxins, eliminates excess oil, unclog pores, and remove dead skin cells.

Seaweed Wrap

60 min ~ $90

You are gently dry brushed then warm seaweed is massaged into your skin. You are cocooned in a self heating solar blanket, during this time you are allowed to rest while the tension and cellulite melt away. After your body has steamed. You then shower away the residue and finish with skin softening body cream. The benefits of this wrap are hydration, detox, and cellulite reduction.

Body Polish

60 min ~ $90

This is for more sensitive skin You will receive a full body invigorating exfoliation with a creamy base. You are then wraped in a solar heat blanket for your skin to absorb the hydration. You relax for 30 min and then we use warm aromic towels to wipe away the residue. Your skin is left soft and touchable.

Coffee Exfoliate

60 min ~ $90

This is treatment for dry skin. It is made with real coffee grounds. The exfoliant reveals radiant skin while the caffeine wakes up the orange peel cellulite to aid in its reduction!

Salt Scrub/Sugar Scrub

30 min ~ $65
60 min ~ $90

This eliminates dead skin cells revealing soft, supple, radiant skin! Your Choice of Lavender, Mango, Papaya, Cinnamon, Detox or your own unique scented blend.