Ear Candeling

1 Candle per ear ~ $50
2 Candles per ear ~ $70

What is it?

Candling works as a subtle vacuum in allowing the body to naturally release toxins in a non-invasive way. There are several thousand nerve endings and approximately 4 thousand pores in the ear.
The ear canal runs deep in our system connecting to our sinuses, skeletal, lymph nodes, eyes, and other parts of our body. When the pores have an over abundance of ear wax the pores swell putting pressure on the nerve endings, witch put pressure on the organ that inhibits organs from producing the essential nutrients.
Some parasites burrow into the ear wax and remain dormant until the weather changes or you change your diet. Others are active leaving you feeling sluggish and fatigued all the time.


How Can Ear Candling Help?

  • Energizes You
  • Clarifies hearing, sight, smell, touch, and taste
  • Believed to equalize Chakras and energy centers
  • Calms and revitalizes Chakras
  • Detoxifies sinuses, lymphatic, and other systems
  • Helps to reduce snoring
  • Helps with pain and congestion in the ears and head
  • Helps to restore equilibrium after a flight, driving, or ocean cruise
  • Helps eliminate a cloudy head
  • Gives relief from sinus infections
  • Assist in removal of excess wax